Beverly Hills Hair Treatments

At SE Salon of Beverly Hills, we specialize in rehabilitating damaged hair. When hair feels frizzy and unmanageable, a treatment is the best solution to repair broken, dry strands while cutting your styling time in half. Our consultation process includes a thorough analysis of our clients’ hair to ensure that we give the proper nutrients it needs to look and feel healthy.


Keratin Straightener: $150 & up

If you have curly, frizzy or unruly hair, you may be a good candidate for a keratin hair straightening treatment. Designed to withstand humidity and wet weather.

Brazilian Blowout: $150 & up

This treatment is another great option for curly or frizzy hair. The amino acids that make up this product result in frizz-free, manageable hair that also strengthens each strand, improving the health of your hair. This treatment has the added benefit of not requiring any down time.

Olaplex: $45 & up

Request Olaplex alone or as an add-on treatment to eliminate frizz, boost shine, and increase softness. Perfect for mending broken strands caused by harsh dyes and frequent hot tool use.


Relaxer: $35 & up

The perfect treatment for frizz-free hair and relaxed curls. You’ll love having more manageable hair.